Thomson Reuters Legal Leaders’ Forum 2018

By September 2, 2018Speaking

The Thomson Reuters Australian Legal Leaders’ Forum is a forum for dialogue between law firm CXOs, Managing Partners, General Counsel, senior legal leaders and all those with an interest in the future direction of the legal services industry in Australia.

The forum takes place on 8 November at Pier One Hotel in Sydney, and involves international and local experts.

Steven Walker will moderate a panel discussion with Rachel Besley (General Counsel, Deloitte Australia), David Flavell (SVP and Deputy GC, PepsiCo USA) and Adrian D’Amico (General Counsel, Dept. of Defence).

The title of the conversation is “Do clients really expect law firms to change the delivery of their legal services?”.  In a rapidly evolving legal marketplace, we hear frequently of disconnects between law firms and clients but what exactly are those disconnects, and are clients really changing their buying behaviours and expectations of law firms?

  • global surveys indicate that buyers of legal services are increasingly demanding more from law firms, as a result of greater options and buying power. What is the Australian experience?
  • how are clients approaching issues of social responsibility, environmental and diversity policies in their relationships with law firms?
  • what metrics might law firms and clients adopt to a demonstrate a successful alignment of interests and measure long term health of relationships?
  • are Australian law firms evolving their service delivery in response to the demands of in-house teams for price certainty and commercial judgment, as well as in response to the increased capabilities of in-house lawyers?

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