IACCM Ask the Expert: What Contract Automation System Should You Buy?

By August 13, 2018Speaking

The drive to automate the contracting process is gathering pace. But what system should you choose? What capabilities should it have? What return on investment can you expect?

IACCM, working in conjunction with Capgemini, has spent the last year investigating the market – surveying users and providers alike to understand requirements, evaluate options and test functionality.  Join Sally Hughes, Tim Cummins and Steven Walker for this webinar, in which we will discuss findings and explain how potential buyers of contract management software can access our research and the free selection support tool that we have developed.

Discussion topics:

  • The past experience with CLM automation has been disappointing – so what has changed?
  • What is contract lifecycle management? – the need to think holistically.
  • Ensuring clarity over requirements: how the report can assist in making sure you know what you want.
  • Preparing for automation: what are the steps you should be taking and what are some challenges to anticipate?
  • Demo of the tool.

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